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Sun in the sky, you know how I feel
Breeze driftin' on by, you know how I feel
It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me
And I'm feeling good
Right, so I think that I've gotten myself into a relatively happy patch right now. Which probably explains the lack of updates; I blog when I have something to share or if I have worries that I only want to broadcast to a select readership.

The first thing that I want to mention is that I really do love the Scandinavia and the World comics. I found them on deviantArt and I have spent far too many hours going through them all. What I love is how they're actually fairly educational, but also funny in how they poke fun at different country's stereotypes and images. I was up until 3AM last night learning about this little island called Hans Island that Canada and Denmark fight over. And really, it is probably the tamest fight in the history of fights. Canada and Denmark take turns re-erecting their flags on this tiny island and, hell, sometimes even leave a bottle of whiskey there for the other country.
So yes, I basically stayed up until 3AM to read up on some history. If that doesn't make me the epitome of "geek", I don't know what does.

Also, I miss writing so I'm warning you that a long, rambly, verbose blog entry lies ahead full of details of my life...

On Thursday, I got a job offer. 16 applications and 4 interviews later, I've officially got a job placement for September. I won't say which company, but it's a mobile app developer position, though the job posting listed a range of skills their were looking for, including testing and web application dev. To be honest, I applied to the posting on a whim; I didn't think that I had what they wanted and given the early deadline (May 15), I didn't put much effort into my cover letter. I wasn't contacted for an interview until a week after the deadline -- which surprised me since the other interview requests I had received had been put forward very shortly after the deadline. A week after the interview request, I actually went for my interview. At that point I had already had 3 interviews, all of which I thought had gone relatively well, though the lack of job offers was really making me nervous. My interviews, I'd felt, had gotten increasingly better, with the last one for a position out at my university raising my confidence substantially, only to go a week without hearing back from any of the 3 companies. My fourth and last interview was late in the afternoon. I skipped school that day so that I wouldn't be rushed to get downtown on time. I was right in the middle of my cold -- my throat was all phlegm-filled and my speaking voice was definitely a little on the raspy side. Needless to say, I had no hope for getting this job.

Mind you, that didn't stop me from giving myself pep talks. I had seen the names of the other two candidates they were interviewing from the invitational e-mail. I didn't know the people, but I inferred a few things. One, they were both Asian -- Chinese and Korean. And two, the Korean girl was not a native English-speaker. Yes, I inferred. Yes, I assumed. But at the same time, this assumed knowledge didn't give me any advantages. If anything, I felt as though the company was expecting me to be Caucasian or First Nations (based on my name, not gonna lie I know a cute little First Nations girl with almost the exact same name as me though 1 letter is different in her last name), or at least be something other than Asian so that it'd seem that they weren't solely interviewing Asians. I mean, I believe in diversity, but I also believe in the merit system. Again, this was something I was inferring, and this time I felt like this was an obstacle. That's when the pep talks started. I told myself that since I didn't have any more interviews lined up, this was probably my last chance in at least a week or two to do an interview and be that close to a job offer. I also reminded myself of all of the jobs I've gotten in the past. Sure, they were seasonal jobs, but I still did well on those interviews.

The interview itself was -- well, to me -- unusual. Next to my HMV interview back when I was in high school, this was probably the most casual interview I've ever had. It began with a fairly generic "What do you know about our company?" and from there bounced around from talk about my favourite course to the previous night's Canucks game to what video game I'd last played. They told me that they weren't really looking for someone with a specific skillset in mind, but rather someone who would fit in with their team. I managed to keep the conversation moving for about 25 minutes, after which I ended up going across the street to chill at my dad's workplace. Yes, for serious. My dad will be working across the street from me come September. My dad, Mr. "If you get a placement in Montreal, we're moving there". This is your cue to roll your eyes, snicker, or facepalm.

A week passed after my interview, and from my last blog entry, I'm sure you can tell that I had given up hope in terms of getting this job. I remember waking up Thursday morning and thinking, "It's been a week. This company seems to have a week in-between everything they do in this co-op process. Maybe today's the day." But I didn't linger on that thought. I went to school, met up with my friend, got introduced to her boyfriend (who is an odd fellow, I daresay), went to class, checked my e-mail, and started silently freaking out.

Essentially, that is the story of how I became happy. Right now my happiness is helped by the fact that I wrote an 8-measure long transitional phrase that sounds really cool. Sometimes when I listen to things that I write in Mixcraft, I just sit there and go "how the hell did I do that? I don't think I could repeat making something like that up". It's a nice feeling.

And now I've got to work on my math homework and send a message to someone who's not doing so great right now. But God knows I'm just going to be working on this piece which is currently at 2:19-long, but is going to be much longer though it already has so much material and substance to it already asdfsafdj;l


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